Looks like the rumors of Nicki Minaj joining ‘American Idol‘ may be true. The Hollywood Reporter says that Minaj and country crooner Keith Urban are close to finalizing their contracts for the show!

Minaj will reportedly pocket $8 million for judging Season 12 of the ratings juggernaut, and she has an extra perk: She gets special allowances for hair, makeup and wardrobe. Imagine all the wigs we can see her rock! It appears that the potential conflict of interest of having the Pepsi spokeswoman on a show sponsored by Coca-Cola have been ironed out.

Urban is expected to take home $3 to $4 million in his deal, ousting fellow country star Brad Paisley from the running, who requested Minaj’s same pay rate. Urban has some experience in reality competitions, as he’s a judge on Australia’s ‘The Voice.’ “I’m trying to make an album and it’s strange how these opportunities all come in one big fell swoop,” Urban said of his flurry of job offers.

Both stars’ salaries pale in comparison to head diva in charge Mariah Carey‘s. The ‘Triumphant’ singer is bringing home $18 million of bacon.

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