A popular card game is making some changes in order to help your family avoid topics like politics and religion during the holidays. Mattel has introduced a new version of its popular UNO game called 'Nonpartisan UNO.'

The game eliminates the red and blue cards in order to help families avoid conversations that could potentially turn ugly. The new purple packaging touts "No red or blue cards means no taking sides!"

The game's new colors are orange, green, purple, and yellow. There are also eight wild cards, three customizable cards, and one special rule card. The special rule card is a 'Veto' card which can be played whenever someone introduces an unwanted topic. The player who started the conversation will have his or her next turn skipped.

Now if someone would please clarify whether or not you can play a Draw 4 or a Draw 2 card as the last play of the game, that would settle some of the disagreements that happen at my house.


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