We all know that traffic is supposed to stop when a school bus' red lights are flashing and its stop sign is extended.  That's basic driver education.  So why is it that some people think it's okay to zoom by a stopped school bus and jeopardize the lives of the students loading or unloading?

As a father of three who's witnessed my kids almost getting flattened by an impatient moron who thinks they're more important and their time is more valuable than anyone else, it's simply infuriating!  And I felt bad when I looked at the driver who was helpless as my kids were almost hospitalized or killed.  There was nothing the poor guy could do.  It's not like the bus driver could catch up to the speed demon to confront him.  Not to mention that the car was going so fast, his license plate was most likely a blur when he sped by.  Well two Detroit-area school districts are doing something that will help them and area police to handle this problem, and hold the law-breakers accountable.

New Haven and Romeo schools are installing a special camera system on their buses.  These cameras are triggered when the warning light system (flashing red lights and stop sign arm) are engaged.  Much like speed cameras, these cameras will get the license plate number of any vehicle that passes the bus during a stop.

I love the idea, and will definitely be getting a hold of my kids' district's transportation department and request that they follow suit.  Do you think this will help keep our kids safer?  Will you recommend this technology to your school district?  Let us know in the comments section below.

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