There is about to be new life rising at the site of the once iconic Joe Louis Arena.

Preparation is underway and equipment is arriving to prepare for the construction of a new high-rise residential building on the former site of Joe Louis Arena which was demolished in 2020. The arena, which was built back in 1979 for a cost of $57 million, was the home of the Detroit Red Wings and hosted their final game in April 2017.

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After the final stages of demolition finished there was a question as to what would take the space along the skyline of Detroit where the infamous arena once stood. Now, according to the Detroit Free Press, it will be a multi-residential complex with studio and one-bedroom units.

The Detroit Free Press reports that a building permit issued by the city of Detroit on Feb. 3, work would involve site preparation and foundations for a future multi-family dwelling with 25 stories. Work at the site is being overseen by the Detroit-based Sterling Group, with signs at the location of the construction indicating Macomb Township-based Colasanti Construction Services Inc. as part of the new project.

Plans submitted to the city of Detroit for approval indicated the new residential building will have a total of 500 studio and one-bedroom apartments. Units in the building would range from 259 square feet for a studio apartment to between 653-772 square feet for those one-bedroom units.

At this time there is no word on a completion date, or when applications for residency will be accepted.

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