The Shiawassee County Sheriff's Department is reminding seniors to be aware of scammers who may be scheming to steal money from them.

The department warns that a young man is targeting people in the Durand and Owosso areas who are grandparents, saying that he is in jail and needs financial help. The calls are either from blocked numbers or appear to be from phone numbers belonging to government offices.

"The young man claims to be their grandson and states he is in jail and needs bond money immediately. In both cases, the grandparents actually thought it was their grandson they were talking to."

Victims are asked to buy gift cards and send a picture of the cards' ID numbers.

The sheriff's office reminds seniors -- and anyone else -- not to fall victim to these scams. Anyone who receives any such call is warned not to give the caller any money or information.

If you have any information about someone trying to execute this or any other type of phone scam, you're asked to call the Shiawassee County Sheriff's Office at  989-743-2240.

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