Every small town has a secret, and Holland, Michigan is no exception. The peaceful city known for its whimsical Tulip Festival is about to show its "dark side" in a new movie starring Nicole Kidman.

The Academy Award-winning actress is set to star in a thriller Holland, Michigan according to Deadline. Apparently, Amazon Studios feels tulips can be terrifying. In all seriousness, the new film "involves secrets that lurk beneath a Midwestern town with a Hitchcock vibe", and is based on a script written by Andrew Sodroski’s. Sodroski is best known for the Manhunt true-crime series.

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The film, of course, is set during Tulip Time because, duh, tells the tale of a school teacher who suspects her husband may be a serial killer. We assume from the press that  Kidman will take on the lead role as the school teacher since she is listed to star and produce Holland, Michigan with Per Saari under her company Blossom Films.

Of course, any time we hear a film or television show being based in Michigan, the first question is will it be filmed on location here. As of now, there are no definitive details on filming scheduled or locations, but it would make sense to shoot in the actual town, right?

Right now details are focused more on who is staring, and who is making, the already highly anticipated film. It seems the script for this new "on the edge of your seat" flick has been kicking around since 2013 when it made a mark topping the "Black List". The "Black List" is Hollywood's list of the best-unproduced screenplays as voted on by movie executives, so expectations are high for this one.

Stay tuned....

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