In 1982, we launched a time capsule into space as somewhat of a greeting to other forms who may find it. The capsule contained items that reflected who we are as a people, and things that demonstrate how our culture operates. According to the new movie from Sony Pictures, the probe was discovered... but it was taken the wrong way.

Next thing you know, Earth is under attack by Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, the infamous Centipede and a whole array of classic video game characters. While this idea is incredibly far fetched, look at the success of the low-budget, cheese-fest that is the 'Sharknado' (soon-to-be) trilogy. Despite the bad acting, ridiculous plot line, and tragic special effects, 'Sharknado' has taken off with a third installment in the works.

On the other hand, this movie stars Kevin James, Adam Sandler, and people that we've heard of in the last few years, and the special effects took legit. So what do you think? Check out the preview, and tell us if you're gonna make plans to check this out in theaters this Summer.

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