New Kids On The Block are hitting the road next year for their Mixtape Tour, and we want you to be at the show.

NKOTB always pack any arena they play, and this time they have an incredible supporting cast. The Mixtape Tour features En Vouge, Salt-N-Peppa, and Rick Astley all on stage at LCA on June 24th. The tickets go on sale on Friday October 4th, at 10am. You can buy those tickets here.

The tickets are sure to sell out quickly, but never fear, we have a pair for you to win right now. Grabbing your tickets is extremely easy, all you need to do is make sure that you have the Cars 108 app downloaded so you can enter to win.

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You can enter below right now, then Clay & Lisa Marie will draw a winner on Monday morning. We'll have more tickets for you to win when we get closer to the show, but we know you want your tickets now. So take a minute and enter below, then start planning on which New Kid you'll be screaming at during the show. Good luck!

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