Their Celebration Series is focused on celebrating and recognizes groups within the Bell’s family that help make the Michigan brewery so popular, and their latest release in conjunction with history being made.

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Bell's Beer announced their 6th release in the Bell's Celebration Series will be Seneca Village Black IPA. The new beer comes as Juneteenth officially becomes a federal holiday. Juneteenth commemorates the end of slavery, and was signed into law by President Biden on Thursday.

According to Bell's,  "Seneca Village, the sixth beer to be designed and brewed by Bell’s staff, celebrates Black and African American employees. It was brewed to bring awareness to a part of American history that is often hidden or left out of more forward-facing narratives."

Seneca Village

The history of Seneca Village is raw, and should be known. Seneca Village was a flourishing 19th century African American community before it was demolished to build Central Park. By the mid-1850's there were 50 homes and three churches, as well as burial grounds, and even a school for African-American students.The City acquired the land through eminent domain, the law that allows the government to take private land for public use with compensation paid to the landowner. Just over 1,600 residents were displaced throughout the area.

“While Seneca Village (and the events that happened there) may be a long way from Bell’s, acts like this, along with redlining, and housing discrimination adversely impacts Black and African American residents across the country,” said Jay Maddock, Bell’s Equity and Inclusion Specialist.  

Seneca Village is available to purchase in 6-packs of 12 oz. bottles exclusively at our Bell’s General Store in downtown Kalamazoo.


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