A father who was sick of his teens ignoring his texts created the app, and now you can use it, too. 

Nick Herbert created the app REPLYASAP - it takes over your kids' phone screen and blares an alarm that can't be silenced until they answer the call or text, even if it's on silent. Parents will also receive a notification when their message has been read.

Right now, it's only available for Android devices; they're running test versions for iOS.There's also an app called Ignore No More, which is available for iOS. It allows you to remotely lock your child's device if they're not answering you. However, the reviews for this app are less-than-great.

My question is - it has to be mutual, right? Your kid MUST have the app on their phone. What's to stop them from deleting it when they get sick of you? I have a pre-teen boy in the house, so this stuff is important.

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