It will cost you a small fee, but it's the best thing you can do to protect yourself. 

John Oliver went on a tirade against the credit companies and the Equifax breach that happened between May and July of this year that could affect more than 140 million Americans.

You're probably just like us, wondering what you can do to protect yourself? I think we're all surprised at how much of our information is out there, and we're also confused about what to do at this point. The best thing you can do? FREEZE YOUR CREDIT.

Now, this also means that you'll be freezing it from yourself. AKA, you won't be able to open any new cards or accounts. But, neither will anybody else.

It will cost you about $10 per bureau to freeze your credit, but Equifax has said that it will waive those fees until November 21st. You have to contact each bureau separately and make sure you have your personal info available.

Click HERE to freeze your credit with Equifax. 

Click HERE to freeze your credit with Experian.

Click HERE to freeze your credit with TransUnion. 

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