Residents in New Port Richey, Florida say they were sickened by the sight of a home that was decorated as a concentration camp for Halloween. The controversial display was put up within days of the attack on a synagogue in Pittsburgh in which 11 people lost their lives.

Among the decorations were skeletons making Nazi salutes, with concentration camp numbers written on them and also wearing the Star of David.

Mitchell Katz tells WLFA that he's disgusted by the display.

"It sickens me. I'm Jewish, this says she [the home owner] hates Jews and we should die."

Homeowner Susan Lamerton, who claims to be Jewish, says the display is protected by freedom of speech and that she erected it as a protest against her homeowners' association.

"I have freedom of speech, they have freedom of speech. They need to leave my property."

Police have been contacted and say that Lamerton's display is perfectly legal and considered protected speech.

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