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Get out your fondue pot and anything you can impale on a toothpick, because this is a random national day of celebration worth getting into. Friday, December 16 is National Chocolate Covered Anything Day. Here are 10 ways to celebrate this holiday.



Chocolate-Drizzled Strawberries



For the sake of full disclosure, there is no official proclamation from any president, or any congressional record of actually naming December 16th National Chocolate Covered Anything Day. Many sources speculate that it was originally thought up by some candy company, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still celebrate it. Lots of things can be covered in chocolate and eaten, and what better way to spend a day than covering things in chocolate and eating them? To kick it off, there are, of course, strawberries, which are a great treat for your special someone. These chocolate-covered, drizzled strawberries are even infused with a little champagne so you can celebrate the day in style.



Chocolate-Covered Pretzels



If you’re a fan of salty and sweet, chocolate-covered pretzels are a perfect way to honor a day set aside for covering things in chocolate. But why go with standard, boring, been-there-done-that chocolate pretzels? We suggest, chocolate pretzel pizza.



Chocolate and Bacon?



Pretzels and strawberries are delicious, but a true carnivore is going to need some chocolate-covered bacon for full satisfaction on this holiday. Cooking with a bear is optional.



Chocolate-Covered Corn Flakes



If you don’t have any fruit, or pretzels, or bacon in your house, but you do have a lot of cereal, don’t worry, you can make chocolate-covered corn flakes and have just as much fun as everyone else. If a French guy is making it, you can’t go wrong.






Of course, the truly brave celebrants of Chocolate Covered Anything Day will stop at nothing short of chocolate-covered cockroaches. Unfortunately, this isn’t the easiest thing to come across a video of, so how about some more edible fake choco-roaches instead?



Choco-Fountain and Fruit



The options are endless. Just look at all the things you can cover in chocolate.



Chocolate-Covered Crickets



So, just because there’s no evidence online to suggest where this day came from or which wise candy company created this ultra-sweet celebration of covering things in chocolate, don’t deny yourself a handful of chocolate cashews, cherry cordials, chocolate-covered raisins or even a chocolate-covered cricket… like these Canadian talk show hosts did.


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