Do we really need a reason to eat chocolate? Probably not, but here's five more good ones to enjoy some chocolate, without feeling guilty about it.

Chocolate has several known health benefits, like boosting mood, easing stress, helping with PMS, and helping you to stay thin. But there's more. Duke University researchers have added a handful of new reasons to love chocolate. Here they are:

Chocolate boosts vision.
Chocolate helps with persistent coughs
Chocolate protects your skin
Chocolate prevents diarrhea
Chocolate helps your heart

Of course not all chocolate is created equal. Dark chocolate provided more of the health benefits than other types. Flavinoids and antioxidants are keys to many of the benefits. Try to choose chocolate bars that are at least 72% cacao and preferably organic. Aim for a half to one ounce per day. That works out to about a two-inch square of most chocolate bars.

Want even more benefits from enjoying chocolate? Try a few dark chocolate-covered cherries, almonds or ginger slivers. You'll get the benefits of dark chocolate in addition to the other healthful ingredients.

Enjoy a piece of chocolate this weekend. To your health!

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