A mysterious Skittle spill on a rural road in Wisconsin last week has more weird twists than a soap opera.

Last week a Wisconsin Sheriff posted on Facebook that hundreds of thousands of Skittles had spilled on a rural highway. At that point, no one knew how or why they were there. Eventually it was discovered that the candy had fallen off the back of a truck after the box they were being transported in got wet in the rain and gave way. Only red Skittles were found on the road, which is odd. Where does someone go to get a box of only red Skittles? The Sheriff later updated the Facebook page with the fact that the Skittles were on the way to be cattle feed.

As odd as this sounds, the use of byproducts for animal feed is fairly common, and Mars, the maker of Skittles has procedures for discarding candy for this purpose. Where the story turns again is Mars has said the factory that these spilled Skittles came from does not sell unused product for animal feed. Company spokeswoman Denise Young said "the Skittles were supposed to be destroyed because a power outage prevented the signature “S’’ from being placed on the candies." She said Mars planned to contact the sheriff’s office and the farmer to find out more.

No one knows at this point where or how the farmer got his hands on all these red Skittles.


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