Don't get TOO excited, though - most of these items will never make it to your local Taco Bell. But they're fun to look at!

My high school friend Michael, who lives in California, recently was chosen to attend a tasting at the Taco Bell Test Kitchen in Irvine. They put out a call on social media, and out of over a million entries, he was randomly chosen to attend.

This was their second tasting (on National Taco Day, of course), their first was on Cinco de Mayo. Obviously, they're starting to open their cantina locations across the country, but don't get too excited about the food options yet. A lot of these items are too difficult to be made in Taco Bell restaurants, but you may see some of them at the cantina locales.

Anyways, wipe the drool off your mouth and enjoy this rare look into the test kitche.Thanks to Michael for sharing them with us!


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