Today was Mother's Day, so I spent the day helping my Mom do some yard work. I also got in some crucial Mud Factor training in at the same time.

Mud Factor is a national obstacle run which will take place at Millington's Baja Acres on June 30th. It's 5k (3.1 miles) of motocross trail, mud obstacles, water hazards, and more mud.

There is really only one way to prepare to run in the mud, and that requires actually getting into mud. I was able to accomplish this today and help my Mom muck out her pond at the same time! My Mom's pond is spring-fed, so the water is c-c-c-old to the bone! I filled several wheelbarrows full of weeds, and got in quite the workout. Moving in waist-deep muck is not easy!

After I finished, I took Mom out for a nice meal! Happy Mother's Day!

For more on Mud Factor, visit:

See you at Mud Factor on June 30th!