Look at the Mass Transportation Authority, coming through for Flint residents again!

Getting around Genesee County this summer will be easier for families with the new program announced by MTA - Flint.

According to their Facebook page:

Effective Sunday, June 7, 2020 and throughout the summer, MTA will be providing free family services on all fixed route and Your Ride every Sunday.
The Mass Transportation authority understands that area families and individuals have been tremendously impacted by the stay at home orders over the past three months. Therefore, MTA would like to help families return to normal life conditions. The free Sunday service will assist individuals in accessing groceries, church, retail shopping and other needs.
“We live in a great community that has always supported the MTA services and this is our way of helping out during these difficult times,” stated Ed Benning, MTA General Manager/CEO.

I've learned so much about what the MTA does in our area in just the last year - Meals on Wheels, Rides to Wellness (rides to medical appointments for those without transportation), Vets to Wellness, and now, free rides on Sundays for families.

Most recently, they were offering rides to the COVID-19 testing sites. They've taken steps to protect their drivers from the spread of the disease like installing shields that separate them from the passengers.

Big thanks to MTA Flint for always giving back to the communities that you live and work in. A lot of people who don't have a reliable form of transportation or can't drive rely on you.

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