"The community loved it. My Chief loved it. The rest of the department loved it. I'm getting a little teased in there." 

Officer Tyler Dunklee has only been on the job for six months, and he was working security over the weekend at the Beecher Music Festival when he asked his police chief if he could jump in and do some karaoke.

Shaun Marvin, who was the DJ at the event, posted the video on his Facebook page and it's since gone viral.

"I wasn't suppose to go viral or be on the news or anything. It was all for the Beecher district, you know," he told ABC 12.

Obviously, with all of the negative news about police officers, this is a welcome change. Officer Dunklee says that he wants to change the perception about law enforcement.

"It's not about making arrests and traffic stops and putting people in jail and serving warrants and this and that. But it's about the public relations with the community. And we also have a human side too, and we like to have fun and that was my human side coming out right there."

Mad skills, Tyler. Nice job.