OMG! I am so ready for Puppy Bowl XXII!

When everyone else is cheering for either the Carolina Panthers or the Denver Broncos for Super Bowl 50 on Sunday, I will be cheering on Team Ruff or Team Fluff. It's the most exciting time of year, Puppy Bowl XII!

I am a huge fan of this event, even though I am a 'cat person'. We can all agree, that puppies make everything better. If you are not familiar, basically, on Animal Planet, as part of the big game festivities, you will witness puppies playing the cutest game of 'football' you will ever see. As you can see from the results of last year's Bowl, it 25 canine competitors will take the field and go head-to-head on who is the cutest of them all! You can catch the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet on Sunday at 3 pm.

You can also get super involved and actually draft your won fantasy Puppy Bowl team. Check out to get your fantasy picks in and keep score during the game. Maybe even get your co-workers to do it instead of the old a busted Super Bowl squares you usually do.