We all know that there are inherent risks to getting behind the wheel. But what is the most dangerous month to drive here in Michigan? How about the deadliest day? And the riskiest hour of the day? Let's take a look.

Crunching the Numbers

The insurance carrier Assurance took on the task of poring through the data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in order to find the most dangerous times to drive in every state in the US.

You may be under the impression that weekdays are more dangerous than weekends because of commuters, but that assumption is incorrect. As it turns out, the most dangerous day to drive overall is Saturday. Saturday accounts for the highest number of accidents in 42 states, including Michigan.

As for weekdays, Michigan joins 24 other states posting Thursdays as the most dangerous day to be on the road.

The most-dangerous day data reflects the numbers of fatal traffic crashes, based on the latest data available since 2016 from the NHTSA.

Most Dangerous Month

The study found that in Michigan, the most dangerous month to be on the road is August. The safest month of the year is February - seemingly surprising results, given the severity of Michigan winters.

Most Dangerous Time of Day

While after-work rush hour traffic may lead to more fatalities in some states like New York and Ohio, the 5 to 6 pm hour isn't the most dangerous hour for Michigan travelers.

Michigan joins seven other states (CO, GA, IL, MA, NC, OK, VA) that post the 6 to 7 pm hour as the most dangerous to be on the road.

The Bottom Line

An in-depth analysis of the most dangerous drive times for each state is available here. Surprisingly, Michigan's most dangerous month, day, and hour for driving is August, Thursday, and 6 to 7 pm respectively.

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