Genesee County has escaped another round of store closings, but others aren't as lucky. 

Macy's and Kmart are using the new year to "adjust to the market" and "cut back on expenses" by closing more stores.

Macy's will close nearly a dozen stores, with the only one in Michigan being at Birchwood Mall in Fort Gratiot Township.

Sears has announced that it will be closing quite a few of their stores, as well as Kmart locations. 64 Sears and 39 Kmart, to be exact. No Sears locations in Michigan will close, but two Kmart locations will close - 67300 Main St. in Richmond and 205 S. Greenville W. Drive in Greenville.

Still convinced we're living under the pity of the Flint water crisis, and I'm not complaining. The more businesses we can keep open here, the better.

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