The 10-year-old girl cried tears of joy as she hugged her gift.

Emma Bennett and her family live in Texas. She had a rare birth defect and has worn a prosthetic leg ever since, and her dad says that it's never slowed her down. She's a swimmer, cheerleader, and plays soccer and volleyball.

Her mom Courtney has been trying to find an American Girl doll to add to her collection that looks like her, so she contacted the company A Step Ahead Prosthetics. They customize dolls for girls with limb loss, like Emma. And, from her reaction, I think this is a doll she will cherish forever.

There's been many campaigns recently to create more diverse toys and clothing lines for children with disabilities. #ToyLikeMe was started in 2015. Lego and British toy company Makies have responded by creating toys that have hearing aids and wheelchairs.

Somebody must be cutting onions in here...