Miguel Cabrera became the 8th player in Detroit Tiger history to collect 2,000 hits.

The Tigers All Star achieved the milestone Sunday as the Tigers hosted the Twins. Miggy turned on a 2-0 slider and drove in a run on the grounder into left field. It should have been another celebrated moment in his great Tigers career, but it definitely didn't feel like that.

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As we all know, the Coronavirus pandemic has meant that most pro sports are being played without fans right now. So when Miggy knocked out his milestone hit, there were no roars or standing ovations from the crowd. There was a flashing big screen in the outfield and a few daps from the other players, but nothing compared to what it should have been.

In the spirit of Miggy being Miggy, he did come out of the dugout to give a curtain call to the throngs of empty seats in Comerica Park. That's one of the reasons that we should feel lucky to have watched play so well in Detroit for so long. He is someone who truly loves playing the game, and has fun doing it.

If you are not a huge baseball fan, and want to know what a big deal it is to reach the 2,000 club just look at the 7 other players on the list.

  • Ty Cobb - 3,900
  • Al Kaline - 3,007
  • Charlie Gehringer - 2,839
  • Harry Heilmann - 2,499
  • Sam Crawford - 2,466
  • Lou Whitaker - 2,369
  • Alan Trammell - 2,365

That's a pretty impressive list of Hall of Fame players.

Miggy has been playing the last few years through injury, and trying to compete while the Tigers are constantly rebuilding. It's the nature of sports for athletes to lose a step in the later years of their career, but Miggy has done it all with a ton of love for the game.


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