ABC 12 hosted the Children's Miracle Network telethon and through donations from residents of Mid-Michigan raised over $1 million for Hurley Medical Center. You can watch the video right here.

Even after enduring the economic hardships that Flint and the surrounding areas have in the past decade, the residents still find a way to give. The telethon was held Sunday night by ABC 12 and the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals and brought in $1,145,803 which will go to help kids in the area get the very best care available. President and CEO of Hurley Medical Center Patrick Wardell gave:

"...a big thanks to all the businesses and individuals in Mid-Michigan who really turned out for the kids at Hurley. It's very much appreciated and we're gonna make sure that the money is very well spent to make sure that our kids in the community get the very best care."

The money will not only benefit Flint and Genesee county but 15 surrounding counties as well. The Children's Miracle Network was founded in 1983 and has raised over $4.3 billion since it's inception. Their goal is simple; to help as many kids as possible by raising funds for children's hospitals and to do it on a local level. For more information you can visit their website.

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