Michigan is about to get its first railbike track, set to open to the public in May of this year.

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What is a Railbike?

There's a lot of similarity between railbikes and the car Fred Flintstone used to drive, pedaling his way through Bedrock. But in this case, riders sit on a railbike car that follows a track similar to a railroad track. Occupants pedal their way along the track (rather than propelling themselves with their bare feet on the street) and soak in the sights as they go.

Macie Hefron is the mastermind behind Michigan's first railbike track, set to open just before Memorial Day. She tells WDIV-TV that she came up with the idea during the coronavirus pandemic when all the gyms were closed.

“I was biking a lot because the gyms were closed, and I saw rail bikes as I was scrolling through my Facebook,” Hefron said. “(I) immediately knew Michigan was missing this activity.”

Hefron is a 22-year-old graduate of Grand Ledge High School. The young entrepreneur had the opportunity to ride on one a couple of years ago when she visited Maryland and thought it would be a good concept here in Michigan.

Michigan's First Railbike Trail

Hefron says the six-mile slated to open this year in the Traverse City area promises to be beautiful.

“My favorite part is when you get down into the woods where we go under a bridge, see spring-fed clear creeks running alongside the line, and we are surrounded by the trees that make our Northern Michigan the beautiful place it is,” Hefron said.

Her company, Wheels on Rails, is slated to open on May 25, 2023. Visit their website or call (231) 714-0656.

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