Summer vacations as a kid meant long road trips with stops at those famous, and quirky, roadside attractions. You know the ones...billboards galore claiming "must see" and "don't miss" kinda places that let the curiosity get the best of you, and often your wallets. We're taking the all-American Tourist Trap.

It's a sightseeing haven for some and a traveler's bucket list for others, but anyway you look at it the Tourist Trap is just part of every state's landscape. Since we are getting right into the heart of travel season Cheapism put together a list of the biggest Tourist Traps in each state. These are the places you may not live up to the hype, or by a complete waste of money.

"Some are iconic locales now overrun or overrated. Others lure roadtrippers out of the way of their intended destinations. They might be cheesy, inauthentic, overpriced, crowded, boring, ugly, or just plain not worth the time", they said 


What's the Biggest Tourist Trap in Michigan?

Have you been "caught" by Michigan's biggest tourist trap? If you’ve ever ventured to the enchanting Upper Peninsula, you might know the answer lies at the legendary Mystery Spot in St. Ignace. Since 1953, this peculiar patch of land has perplexed visitors with its gravity-defying phenomena. Compasses spin wildly, objects roll uphill, and people tilt at impossible angles. Here's Cheapism's take on the famous local;

"Said to have been discovered in the 1950s by surveyors who became lightheaded and couldn't get equipment to operate there, the Mystery Spot in St. Ignace (reopening in the spring) seems to mess with gravity, make tall people seem smaller, and cause plenty of other confusing phenomena. Or so they say. You might say it leans heavily on kitsch. It led one Yelper to remark, 'The mystery is why did I pay for this?'.

Most likely the Mystery Spot isn't one of the more pricey Tourist Traps in the country, setting you back $10 per person for a guided tour. Then again, we all know with every roadside attraction comes the classic souvenir store, so you'll need to rely on restraint to escape the Mystery Spot without breaking the bank.

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If you haven't been caught by the Mystery Spot yet, and you are having a little FOMO (fear of missing out), maybe it’s time to plan a visit and see for yourself why this quirky destination proudly holds the title of Michigan's biggest tourist trap.

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