As you're making your plans for a vacation this summer, make sure the places you want to go to are going to be open.

As we get into summer, we are all excited for some vacation time and going places we haven't been to in a while because of the pandemic. Unfortunately, the pandemic is still causing certain places to adjust their hours of operation.

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Michigan's Adventure will not be open seven days per week as it has in previous years. This year both parks, Michigan's Adventure and WildWater Adventure Waterpark will be limited to just five days per week. The parks at Michigan's Adventure will be closed completely every Tuesday and Wednesday for the summer of 2021. This will mark the second year in a row that these parks were not operating at a full schedule due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We’re trying to balance our calendar with our customer demand. We’re coming out of the pandemic, so we don’t know what demand will be...said Laure Bollenbach, director of marketing for Michigan’s Adventure.

Michigan's Adventure's sister park Cedar Point will also be closed two days each week this summer because of a labor shortage. The closures at Michigan's Adventure are said not to be caused by a labor shortage, however, the park is still working to fill its 800 total positions available.

If you are planning a trip, Michigan's Adventure is opening for the season tomorrow, Saturday, May 29th and WildWater Adventure Waterpark will be opening for the season on June 19th.

Source: MLive

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