Wouldn't we all LOVE to know when we're gonna kick it so we can film one of these?

I've got my own personal experience with THE ANIMAL: when I was 10-years-old, I was put on a plane from Chicago to Iowa to see my father for the summer. As I sat alone, in the first row, I watched as the entire WWF (now WWE) roster boarded the plane and sat down around me. King Kong Bundy, Mr. Fuji, Brooklyn Brawler, and of course, George 'The Animal' Steele.

George took the seat next to me, as the excitement spread throughout the plane - people were walking the aisles to get autographs. Meanwhile, I was scared enough just being a kid, alone, on a plane. George must've noticed this, and in between autograph signings, he would give me wise nuggets of wisdom. The one that sticks out the most is:

"You'd better eat your peanuts, kid."

The Michigan native and WWE hall-of-famer passed away recently at the age of 79, but he wanted to make sure that we all knew his life story...in his own words. If you've got an hour to spare, check out the video he made above, to be released after his death.

If anything, it's awesome to see The Animal smiling while saying, "If you're watching this, I'm dead."

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