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A Michigan woman is facing charges after running over a police officer's foot when being confronted for not wearing a face-covering.

Tammy Rose North is being charged with resisting and obstructing police causing injury, fleeing and eluding, and disturbing the peace.

Police in Grand Haven say an employee at a Jet's Pizza restaurant asked North to put on a face mask inside the establishment, as it is now a requirement in Michigan. The 56-year-old woman then became belligerent, reaching under the plexiglass barrier that separates customers and employees, and raising two middle fingers. The woman swore at employees, kicked another customer, and then went into the parking lot to kick another customer's vehicle.

According to news reports, someone flagged down officer Everardo Pedroza Jr. who was in the area. As officer Pedroza confronted North, she got into her truck and began to back up, even though she had been instructed by the officer to stop. North then ran over the Pedroza's foot with her vehicle.

Several officers joined Pedroza in a chase but were not successful in their efforts to apprehend her. She was later found and arrested.

The officer was treated and reports indicate that he is expected to be OK.

Can we all please just calm down, wear our masks, and not run over any police officers' feet?


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