Nearly five decades after losing her class ring, a West Michigan woman once again has it in her possession.

As the locker room at Comstock High School was being torn apart for remodeling, Doug Ludwick discovered the 1971 ring that appeared to belong to a student from a rival high school.

The ring bore the initials 'AO,' and with the help of Administrative Assistant to the Athletic Director Shirley Doorlag, they began poring through yearbooks from 1968 through 1971.

They found a possible match. Angelita Olivares had transferred to Comstock High School for her senior year. Angelita was surprised when Doorlag contacted her.

“I received a text from someone who said ‘we think we found your ring,’ and I thought, 'How can that be?' They said, ‘yeah we really think we found your ring,’” Angelita Kolodzieyczyk, whose maiden name is Olivares, tells WWMT.

Kolodzieyczyk remembers the day she lost her ring.

“Put it in my locker and never thought anything about it,” Kolodzieyczyk said. “[When] gym class was over, I went to my locker, went to retrieve my ring and it was gone. The only thing I could think of is someone stole my ring.”

Kolodzieyczyk noted that the ring was in perfect condition, and quipped, "I wish I was in as perfect condition as the ring."

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