A Michigan woman nearly lost out on $1 million after she put a winning lottery ticket in a bag with some trash. Luckily, she rescued the ticket from the garbage and cashed in.

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Losing Tickets Were Headed for the Trash

The Clinton County woman says she enjoys playing the Michigan Lottery's news games when they come out. She bought a couple of 'Sizzling Hot 7's' tickets but at first glance thought they were both losers.

"I always play the new instant tickets when they come out each month,” said the player. “I was at the store one night and decided to buy two of the Sizzling Hot 7’s tickets since it is a newer game. I scratched the tickets when I got in my car and thought they were both non-winners, so I put them in a bag with some other garbage to throw away."

It Always Pays to Double-Check

The 30-year-old woman has chosen to remain anonymous, but she tells the Lottery that she decided to take another look at the tickets and retrieved them from the trash.

“The next morning, I decided to look the tickets over one more time before throwing them away. When I saw I’d won $1 million, my heart started racing and I thought I was going to faint. I called my mom and my husband right away to tell them the good news! I am so glad I decided to look the ticket over again before throwing it away.”

The woman says she plans to use the money to buy a new home and make some investments.

Five Michiganians Whose Lives Were Ruined After Winning Big Lottery Jackpots

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You Could Be Bob Seger's Neighbor for a Cool $1 Million

Let's just imagine for a moment that you're neighbors with Bob Seger.

Even though you have a beautiful, $1 million home with five bedrooms and six bathrooms, your house is only one-quarter the size of your neighbor's. Also, the Seger's home is worth about eight times as much as yours, valued at about $8.5 million according to Zillow.

But maybe you could become friends, right?

Check out the pics of this house for sale, right across the road from Bob. He's your friend now. You can call him Bob.

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