A Michigan woman is facing numerous charges for allegedly catfishing and harassing her own daughter.

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Authorities say Kendra Licari sent thousands of hateful and harassing messages to her daughter and her daughter's boyfriend.

David Barberi is the Prosecuting Attorney in Isabella County. He says the woman began sending the messages in early 2021 and that the number of messages sent is in the tens of thousands.

"We had tens of thousands of text messages, whether they were messages that were just for her daughter or some of her daughter's friends," Barberi tells ABC News. "And, you know, the digital footprint was just insane."


Messages Continued Even After Her Daughter Blew the Whistle

Licari's daughter and her boyfriend's parents reported the harassment to authorities, but she continued to send texts even after her identity was discovered. Licari is said to have used software that would make it appear the harassing texts originated from her daughter's classmates.

"Even when we realized that it wasn't a kid, we weren't expecting that it would be a parent," Beal City Public Schools Superintendent William Chilman said. "When they informed us later in the spring that they were suspecting that it possibly was her, it was as a shock to all of us, I think everybody involved."


Mom Faces Four Felonies

When confronted, Licari admitted that she was behind the text message but hasn't provided a reason for her behavior.

Licari is currently facing four felony counts, each carrying the possibility of several years in prison.

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