The new campaign is called "Operation Ghostrider" and it is supposed to help catch distracted drivers.

Michigan State Police says distracted driving is to blame for more than half of all crashes in Michigan, and that number is on the rise. With Operation Ghostrider, MSP officers will ride in unmarked cars looking for distracted drivers on the roads. If you are fined as a distracted driver, you will have a $150 ticket to pay.

Capt. Monica Yesh of Michigan State Police says "A few weeks ago, I counted how many people were on their phones on my way from Lansing to Detroit. I stopped counting at 20 before I got to Novi. I am positive that most of us would carry an incredible amount of guilt if we caused a crash or someone was killed because we were not paying attention."

I really try not to use my phone in the car, except for my hands free talking option, but it's hard. If I am on appointments all day and I hear my email buzz, I have to stop myself before I instinctively check it.  We all feel like we have to be reachable 24/7 these days, especially with jobs like mine, but we don't. Everyone's safety is always more important than answering a quick email or text message.

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