Michiganders can brag non-stop about the Mitten state. From our beautiful shorelines to the breathtaking wilderness and everything in between, Michigan has everything, especially beauty.

Now, there will be people across the country who will argue that they have some of the most beautiful places in their state, but we know for sure Michigan does thanks to a new ranking from World Atlas.

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The educational geography website, that's been online since 1996, went in search of those towns that "are special places nestled between mountains, tucked within enchanting forests, or surrounded by enthralling waters...scenic towns that are also steeped in stimulating histories, and full of modern character quirks".

Making the newly released list "The 15 Most Beautiful Towns In America", is a summertime favorite destination for Michiganders and out-of-state travelers.  Nestled on the shores of Lake Michigan, South Haven caught the eye of World Atlas for its "postcard-perfect" scenery.

The quaint town of around 5000 residents, became a popular resort town in the early 1900s often being referred to as "The Catskills of the Midwest." Today South Haven offers something for everyone with beautiful beaches, cool eateries, wineries, and charming boutique shopping. World Atlas writes,

"This southwestern Michigan beach town more than holds its own against a slew of other Lake Michigan gems. First and foremost, South Haven has an excellent waterfront, with long sandy stretches sub-divided by the South Haven Pier, which itself is complete with a postcard-perfect, bright red lighthouse. Aside from the scenic shoreline, South Haven also has a well-stocked, pedestrian-friendly downtown core, and a wealth of nearby inland lakes and nature trails to explore."

Michigan's South Haven is in some pretty great company on the list joined by towns from New Mexico, Colorado, and even Alaska. Check out the full list of "The 15 Most Beautiful Towns in America" here.


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