Love, breeding...whatever you wanna call it. It's cute.

Sloths are adorable regardless, but this story just hit all of the cute buttons in our hearts.

Jabba the two-toed sloth is from the Beardsley Zoo in Connecticut. He recently spent some "quality time" with Hope, a sloth from the John Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids.

They were put in side-by-side cages, and zookeepers are hoping that they'll make a connection.

With no pun intended, a spokesperson said that they're getting to know each other "slowly." Ba dum ching!

Hope isn't currently on exhibit but will be soon when both sloths are on display in the rainforest exhibit. Keepers are hoping that eventually Hope and Jabba will produce some baby sloths.

Cannot WAIT for those pictures! Not the breeding, you pervs. The baby sloths. ;)

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