Something as simple as a note can make a world of difference. Staff members at one Michigan School shared letters with students and it had a lasting impact.

Students at Roseville Middle School were surprised to receive letters from teachers, support staff members, and even the custodial staff saying how much they were inspired by the students.

One Staff Member, One Big Idea

Stasi Earl is a coach and reading teacher at the school. She tells NBC that she came up with the idea in January.

"I asked my teachers, secretaries, custodians, our cooks at lunch, to write a card to a student - anyone of their choice - on why they inspire them," Earl says.

Then the students were presented with the notes and the results were amazing. With parents' permission, the school took videos as the students read the notes of inspiration they received from staff members.

You'll see lots of smiles, lots of hugs, and lots of tears in the video below.

English teacher Emily Grimes shared notes with four students, including Amaya Brown. Grimes says she's grateful for Brown's leadership.

"The bottom line is that she's shown me that she's there for me," Grimes said. "As I am there for her."

Julie Cooper is a social worker at Roseville Middle school and her note to Alicia Turner brought the eighth grader to tears.

"I'm really grateful you're here," the Cooper said as the two shared an embrace.

the school tells NBC News that the letter-writing campaign was such a success that they plan to do it again.

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