While the population in Michigan has stayed more or less steady for the last couple of decades, the number of residents in our state is expected to sharply decline over the next quarter century.

Michigan's Population Expected to Increase and Then Decrease

While Michigan's population has remained steady, hovering around 10 million people for the last 20 years, it is expected to increase slightly over the next decade and then steadily decrease after that.

Here are the details of Michigan's population rollercoaster.

Michigan's population is expected to grow by about 230,000 people in the next ten years. However beginning in 2034 Michigan will then see a population decline of about 700,000 people over the next 26 years.

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The Michigan Center for Data and Analytics predicts Michigan's population will be around 9,906,000 people by the year 2050. That's about 1.3% fewer people from 2022.

Why is Michigan's Population Declining?

Jaclyn Butler is the demographer and author of this report, published by the Michigan Center for Data and Analytics. Butler says there are a number of factors that will impact Michigan's population, including lower fertility rates, increasing death rates, and people migrating out of Michigan.

"In Michigan, as we have this very large birth cohort, the 'baby boomers' birth cohort," Butler says. "The baby boom was pronounced in Michigan -- even compared to the nation, which also experienced a baby boom -- moving into, you know, older age years, high mortality years."

Butler goes on to say that Michigan was already trending toward a natural population decrease even before the pandemic. Today, Michigan has more residents aged 55 and older than residents who are under 25 years old.

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