Quotas are illegal, but his attorney says that the city is in the pocket of a local towing company.

Ex-police chief Chad Hayse says that he was fired from the city of Melvindale, just downriver of Detroit, because he didn't meet the city's ticket and towing quotas.

Quotas are almost a thing of urban legend - if you see cops out more at the end of the month, pulling people over, it's because they need to meet their quota - but this is one of the rare times that it's being used in court.

The suit was filed in federal court on Friday. Hayse's lawyer says that this isn't how the city should be making money, and also alleges that the city leaders have a financial relationship with Goch and Sons towing.

The city's attorney says that they don't comment on pending litigation, but that the decision was made at a public hearing, and that the city does NOT have quotas.

I'm interested to see how this plays out - AJ was pulled over twice in three days at the end of last month for going barely 10 over; she has a clean driving record, and we're pretty sure that the cops were trying to meet a quota...that they claim doesn't exist.

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