The Michigan Secretary of State told newly-married couple Brianna Hoskins and Crystal Reese they will have to wait out a  six month "probationary period" before they can officially change Hoskins' last name to Reese.

The same-sex couple was married in the state of New York where gay marriage is legally recognized. Upon their return home, the Chesterfield Township couple successfully changed Brianna's last name with the Social Security Administration.

Their local Secretary of State office told them they would have to go through the court system, or go through the process of a common-law name change.

"It's discrimination based on sexual orientation, and it's just so ridiculous. We live in 2014," says Crystal. "What are we on probation for - for being gay?"

Crystal told Detroit's WJBK that when Brianna presented the marriage license as proof that she is married, she was told, "Well if you would have married a man, you'd have no problem changing your name."

Proceedings begin next month in federal court in an attempt to overturn Michigan's ban on gay marriage.
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