Michigan is currently one of a handful of states that don't offer financial incentives to moviemakers. But new legislation could bring major film production back to our state.

Michigan Was Once a Top Pick for Filmmakers

Movies like 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," "30 Minutes or Less," and "Transformers" were all filmed - at least in part - in the great state of Michigan. But it's been years since Michigan was considered a desirable destination for filmmakers - and it all boils down to money.

From about 2008 to 2015, the state offered tax credits and other such incentives to moviemakers in order to lure big productions to our state. But that program was scrapped in 2015.

Unfortunately, that decision had a negative impact on Michigan's economy because production companies spend big money while they're camped out in Michigan. Businesses like hotels, restaurants, florists, carpenters, hardware stores, and many others all benefit from the trickle-down effect that is created during production runs that can last for weeks or more.

Two New Bills Could Bring Change

The Michigan legislature is now considering two bills that could once again provide incentives for moviemakers.

Senate Bills 438 and 439, referred to collectively as the 'Michigan Multimedia Jobs Act' would mean state tax credits for filmmakers.

Alexander Page is the chairman of the Michigan Film Industry Association's Legislative Action Committee. He says these bills are different from others that have been introduced and failed in the past.

"What that means is that it can only be used to offset Michigan taxes, so only a Michigan company can benefit," Page tells WZZM-TV.

So far, the bills have received bipartisan support and are on their way to the Michigan Senate's Economic and Community Development Committee.

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