She's created an online petition to make the checkout aisle more "healthy and kid-friendly."

Jane Kramer started the petition after she adopted her son two years ago - she never realized how not kid-friendly the items were until her son asked about the word "cocaine" when he read it on a tabloid.

She says that she realizes that people will think that she's trying to take away their choice, but that's not the case, according to Kramer. She says that those things can still be available throughout the store, but that we should work harder on not promoting junk food.

Meijer released a statement to WXYZ Detroit, saying:

Millions of customers come to Meijer each week and our goal is to ensure our offerings appeal to the needs of a very broad and diverse customer base. We are proud of the healthy choices we offer throughout our stores as well as the fact that our customers can count on us for all of their shopping needs, whatever their buying preference.

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