Her son, who was born without fingers, was told that he couldn't ride any of the rides.

A Facebook post by a mom from Michigan has gained some traction online. Kristen Gere posted that she, her husband and 5-year-old son James flew to Florida for a "limb difference sports camp." The camp is meant to show that all children are fully capable.

However, the camp wasn't the problem.

The went to LEGOLand Florida for James' birthday. When they went to get on their fourth ride of the day, an attendant informed the family that he couldn't ride because he couldn't hang on.

Kristen argued with guest services, saying that James can ride a bike, hold a pencil and rode all of the rides at Disney already. The employees said that, if James could demonstrate that he can hang on, he could ride. James, already feeling embarrassed and upset, didn't want to participate.

Kristen has posted the ordeal to Facebook and has gained quite a bit of support. Others have even commented that they had the same kind of problems at LEGOLand.

She's hoping that local news will pick up on the story, too.

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