Usually, having five daughters and no sons would eliminate the possibility of having a mother-son dance. But not for Mary Theut. Her sons-in-law made it happen.

Theut is the mother of five lovely daughters. She and her husband Eric live in Chesterfield Township, just northeast of Detroit, and hosted their daughter Sarah's wedding at their home.

Sons-in-Law to the Rescue

Theut tells Today that she's always enjoyed watching parents dancing with their children at weddings, but being a 'girl mom' she never expected to have the opportunity.

But when it came time for her last daughter to tie the knot, her daughters - along with their husbands came up with a plan to give their mom a special dance. Her daughter Sarah says the surprise was a well-guarded secret.

"The only people who knew were my sisters and our husbands because we didn't want to ruin the surprise," she says. “Mom has done so much for our weddings and never got to have that dance."

She also noted that the men were very excited to play along.

A Special Dance With All the Men

In the video posted to Twitter just a few days ago, you'll see Mary dancing with her new son-in-law Paul. She noted that it was the first time she'd ever danced with one of her 'sons' at a wedding.

"He said, 'Well, you're in for a surprise: You get to dance with all of us — turn around,'" she says. "I can't even describe it. There are very few times when you're that excited."

One by one, Theut got to dance with all five of her sons-in-law.

"It meant a lot more to me than I ever thought," she said.

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