Two Grand Rapids men have turned their love for hockey into a unique business. Joe Messina and Zac Smith are turning old goalie pads into wallets, watch bands and other specialty leather products.

Smith tells Fox 17 that he's always had a passion for the game.

“I love hockey and goaltending alone," he said. "I love the equipment, that’s what really draws me in is the equipment.”

The pair launched Second String Leather Company earlier this year and have struggled to keep products in stock.

“Probably roughly made about 240 pieces on the first launch,” Messina said. “Within two weeks we were sold out.”

Jake Vrown of Gemini Handmade said he is delighted with the success of the brand.

“This is one of the most popular projects we’ve ever done,” he said. “I pride myself on bringing success to my clients but having 100 packages sold out in two days is something to be proud of.”

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