31-year-old Tyler Post only left the house a couple of times a year...until now.

Tyler, who lives just outside of Grand Rapids, is paralyzed from the shoulders down after a car accident that happened when he was a teenager. He lives with his parents, and requires 24-hour care. He's had trouble leaving the house because not enough places are handicap accessible; he'd only leave at Christmas to see family, and for the occasional doctor appointment.

Now, he goes out every night, hunting for Pokemon with his 8-year-old nephew Brezlyn. "I'm meeting new people and getting outside for the first time in a while," Tyler tells PEOPLE. "It makes me feel normal again."

"Tyler doesn't really leave the house because as much as people and places say they are handicap accessible, they aren't, and it's easy for him to get secluded in his house," Brezlyn's mom Kortney says. "Pokémon has revitalized him and given him a new hope that he can participate in things that others are participating in."

"If you had told me a few weeks ago that Tyler would be outside, rolling around in his chair, I would say 'You're crazy!' But look at him now."

I'm biased because I think the game is fun, but if you're one of the people who thinks it's silly, maybe this will change your mind!

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