Months after being released from prison on drug charges, a Port Huron man is back in custody for passing counterfeit money. Benigno Santana is accused of turning one-dollar bills into fake 100-dollar bills.

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How did he do it? Santana was allegedly bleaching genuine one-dollar bills and reprinting them to look like 100s. Authorities were tipped off when they spotted the printed "$1" from the original bill in the upper lefthand corner of one of the fake bills.

Santana sold 10 of the fake $100 bills for $350 to a source who was working with the Secret Service.

Check your money closely if you're operating a business and if you're accepting cash for online auctions or sales.

According to WDIV, Santana was arrested earlier this week. The St. Clair County Drug Task Force also found about $23-thousand worth of meth along with computers, hard drives, flash drives, and printers in his car.


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