Of all the places to get married, a Lowe's store seems like an unusual venue. But for Nahren Hido and her fiancé, the store in Warren seemed like the perfect choice.

Work Family to the Rescue

When Hido and her fiancé Howard Corder decided to tie the knot, the couple planned a simple wedding at the courthouse. Hido is a native of Iraq, and since her family wouldn't be able to attend, they decided to skip the traditional wedding ceremony.

That's when their work family got to work.

Hido tells Detroit's Fox 2 that a coworker asked about their wedding plans and her fiancé said they were planning to say their nuptials at the courthouse. That's when Hido quipped, "I wish we could get married at Lowe's."

That's when their coworker got to work, pulling together a wedding that would take place in aisle 25 of the big box store in Warren.

Everything You Need for a Wedding is at Lowe's

The crew took two weeks to put together the perfect wedding for the couple. They used outdoor furniture as an alter and covered the aisle in carpet samples. Of course, the flowers came from the garden center.

"They did so amazing of a job," Hido said. "It makes me feel awesome. It's like they are my family because I don't have family in this country."

You can click here to scroll through the happy couple's wedding photos and check out the video from WJBK-TV below.

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