A Michigan State Representative is working on legislation that would prevent vape manufacturers from disguising their products to look like children's items.

Wide Appeal to Children

Not only are vape manufacturers making products that look like everyday items like highlighters and digital cameras, but they're also creating vapes that look like teddy bears, Gameboys, and even cartoon characters like Spongebob Squarepants and Mario.

Linda Solem is a prevention specialist at Up North Prevention in Michigan. She tells Up North Live that children as young as third grade can be drawn to the kid-friendly branding used by some vape manufacturers.

"I believe a lot of it has to do with peer pressure and everyone saying well, this is fun, it makes you feel good, it tastes good," she said.

In the past, vaping products have been available in kid-friendly flavors like Froot Loops, Rocket Pop, Sweet Tarts, and Gummy Bears.

State Rep Pushing for Change

Alabas Farhat is a State Representative from Dearborn. Farhat is preparing legislation that would restrict manufacturers from targeting children.

“The health and safety of young people is one of my top priorities," Farhat said. "Products intended for adults should not be made to appeal most to children. I have to stand up for the parents of my community and for the safety of kids and that’s exactly why I’m introducing legislation to ban these items.”

Michigan became the first state in the US to ban flavored e-cigarettes in 2019.

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