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An Executive Order signed by Governor Gretchen Whitmer will require facemasks to be worn by Kindergarten through fifth-grade students in schools which are currently in Phase 4 of Michigan's Safe Start Plan.

Some people have expressed criticism of the move online. I say, "What the hell took so long?"

We're all required to wear masks when we're in public and most businesses are requiring customers and employees to wear face coverings. But elementary-age kids can sit at classroom tables, eat lunch together, and play outside without masks? In my opinion, that makes no sense.

Personally, my wife works at a local elementary school. I find it ridiculous that there haven't been facemask requirements for all elementary students since in-person learning resumed.

I'm not here to debate whether or not masks work. If we disagree, I'm not going to convince you and you're not going to persuade me.

Yes, there is some evidence that COVID-19 symptoms can be less severe in children. But that's no reason to keep kids exempt from mask requirements.

Let's keep in mind that children can be carriers of coronavirus while presenting as asymptomatic. Some kids live with grandparents who can be vulnerable to the disease. And parents whose immune systems are compromised because of immune deficiencies or other health ailments are at an increased risk from being in contact with children who are attending school in person.

So seriously, what took so long?

Parents, in my opinion, we should be setting a good example for our children regardless of their ages. Wear a mask. It's hot, it sucks, we all know. But it's our responsibility to help keep everyone safe from COVID-19.

Here's a link to Executive Order 2020-185, which requires K-12 students to wear masks, beginning October 5.


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